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June 2022 Poetry Contest: Spiders, Spiders

June 30, 2022
By RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
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KEEP CALM and stop being lazy.

Spiders, spiders

are as scary as tigers

terrifying minors

(at least they're not vipers!)


Spiders, spiders

don't have any admirers

but are the best survivors

because they're all biters!


Spiders, spiders

on the windshield wipers

spinning their own fibers

as strong as metal wires.


Spiders, spiders

are always the hikers

and chandelier-climbers

or hiding in your binders!


Spiders, spiders

have those inner timers

so they're the earliest risers

and have the most aspires!

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