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I Am Girl

June 6, 2009
By _TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
_TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
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I am girl
I am a girl of great stature and morale
I am a lady becoming a woman
Like it or love it
I am girl
I am the one you see with the smile
I am the smart one you see with sweet genes
I am the one you cannot take apart
I am girl
The type you cannot force
And the type you cannot swoon
I am the voice
So hear me roar!
I am beautiful
because I was raised to know that no one can tell me other
I am the person who has values
Who has priorities and ties
I am the one that doesn't make promises
But does what I say I will do
no lies
I am the female rising to my own pew
Say what you like, but I am still human
Say what you want, but I am still dear
And until I decide otherwise, I am still here
I am girl
Representing those who cannot stand independent
The ones who look to other means
I say to the girls of the world: Join this place and be!
Nobody can tell me yes
If I precisely said no
I stand for my rights, for I deserve respect too
Rise to your feet, females, you can do it, too!
Nobody can tell me no
If I clearly said yes
I was promised respective rights
And I expect no less!!
I am girl
Struggling, but pulling through
Because I am justice with a torch
Let me bring light to you
And because I am me, let you take notice and know
I am girl
With billions of people to redeem
And trillions of places to go

The author's comments:
Just a little something that was on my mind. Sometimes, I just know that females are undermined and this poem isn't the greatest, but to me, I feel that this speaks to many females who feel the same. I don't want men to think I believe females are better than males. However, I do think we should be acknowledged with more than just the 'mother' role. This is for the Obama's little girls and every other woman.

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