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Teen Grotesque

July 1, 2009
By Jacer Gutierrez BRONZE, Mecca, California
Jacer Gutierrez BRONZE, Mecca, California
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Word of mouth
Trusted among the youth
The most precise newspaper
That keeps you up to date,
This world of ours
Collides from within

Extra, Extra! Read all about it…

“Who did he sleep with last night?”
“Who made her want to cry?”
“That slutty dress is so not right”
“Did he just ask her out?”
“She failed her test, and oh my god…”
“He does not like me, but I think I’ll try”

Now you see
There is no safe ground,
No place to run
No place to hide

Exposed to everyone
You hate and cry
When will they leave you alone?
You ask yourself,
“Never” replies word of mouth,
Being this young
Is very scary

The author's comments:
Being a teenager is more than just fun and games. Being young has its downturns aswell; jealousy, clicks, and rumors.

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