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Little Girl

July 10, 2009
By Simplygraceful GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
Simplygraceful GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Little girl don't cry
Brush off the dust
Hold you head up high
Little girl just be brave
Don't think about the others
It's time to stand up for yourself
It's your life to save
Little girl live life now
Because you only got one
Time is going to fast
Live Life...I'll show you how
Little girl walk through it
Through the hurtful lies
Through the pain and regret
Through the times you want to quit
Little girl don't hate
That's what they want you to do
Walk away and leave
Dont' take the tempting bait
Little girl you're just like me
With every move you make
I look like you
I talk like you
I see what you can see
Little girl your dreams are like mine
You wish and you think everyday
You feel trapped inside
Desperately wanting to be free

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