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Judging By Apperance

July 11, 2009
By silentlove DIAMOND, Perrysburg, Ohio
silentlove DIAMOND, Perrysburg, Ohio
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Look at him!-
They say behind their hands
Look at the way he dresses!
I mean, seriously--
What GUY would dress like that?!?
How can he act that way?
But they dont know i hear their whispers
And I speak up to defend
The boy with the different clothes
At least he is origonal-
I say to them:
They stare at me.
At least he isnt afraid to express himself
Even in an unconventonal way
HE has the guts to be different
To be different,
Unlike you with your Aeropostale shirts
And Hollister shorts
I mean, seriously.
What a lack of origonality!
Now they see--
How a few simple words can hurt
Now they know
Not to judge

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