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Brotherly Love

July 27, 2009
By RachelEliza PLATINUM, Virginia Beach, Virginia
RachelEliza PLATINUM, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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i smile politely,
as you talk of my beauty,
i attempt a laugh
as you try to impress me,
and i try not to be stiff
as you hug me goodbye.
because i am in love
with your brother.
your older brother,
whos warm eyes i cant forget
whos smile
makes me want
to place my palm gently,
lovingly on his cheek.
the brother who
has always known me,
and who i have always loved.

the one who doesnt love me back,
who pushed me away...

so il politely smile,
as you say cheesy compliments,
and il attempt a laugh
for your benefit,
and il allow you to hug me,
but dont ask for my heart,
because your blood and kin has it
locked tightly away.

The author's comments:
I actually did fall in love with my friends brother, but i did not use him to get closer to his brother. but this is the honest tale of how i fell in love with a guy two yrs older than me, and i couldnt help it no matter how much damage it caused.

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coretha GOLD said...
on Sep. 19 2009 at 8:44 pm
coretha GOLD, Houston, Texas
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