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August 8, 2009
By Bry ward SILVER, Lake Almanor, California
Bry ward SILVER, Lake Almanor, California
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A tingle inside as we cross eyes
An awkward glare
Our eyes meet
Quickly turning my head
Butterflies arise
I can’t control my heartbeat
I feel like I’m flying
Out of control
I tumble to the floor
He was there to catch me
Wishing the days would never end
I could stay by your side forever
As the sun goes down
Reality hits the surface
The days we may never forget
The feelings that were supposed to go away
Past mistakes that we can’t erase
Sometimes I wonder if we can go back to those perfect days
When everything felt so great
Nostalgia lies in our bones
I wish I could confess
My feelings for you are still so great
I wish I could fix our past mistakes.

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