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Is There Real Freedom?

August 17, 2009
By Scoroct GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Scoroct GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Is There Real Freedom?

The world is a court
You peers are the jury
The judge is the not accepting thoughts

The school makes the rules
The community enforces them
And the nation condemns you for you actions

We all where a mask
We all think about what others think
We all know they’re watching us
Waiting for us to screw up

They say you should just be yourself
But we only take off part of the mask
We fear we may anger them
Possibly upset them

The world has its rules
Your friends have their rules
You have your rules
Are we truly free

Maybe their is a reason we aren’t
We don’t want thieves
We don’t want murderers
We don’t want to be treated badly
We don’t want freedom

Or do we?

The author's comments:
In reality we are never truly free but if we were the world would be chaos and evil. We need some freedom, but never total freedom.

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