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Free Falling

August 24, 2009
By kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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One day

The days run together like leaves on a tree
snowflakes in a blizzard
Strokes in a painting by Picasso
The days run together when I’m with you

you engender a feeling of flow in my life
My burdens are lifted by your touch
With every stare, every relocation
I leap from the cliff of customary existence
And freefall into a new manner of adoration

My feelings deepen in every moment spent with you
And triple when we are separated
My only fear, is your rejection
My only comfort, is your presence

One day

One day

No, today
Today I will make known my feelings for you
In hope my love is returned
If unwanted I will turn away
And if accepted I will embrace in your arms

If discarded the freefall will begin once more
The cliff will be renamed to gloom
The freefall will terminate in despair
And I will be left hollow and vacant

Yet if today shall end in bliss and elation
Then I will leap from the rocky edges
And settle in the comfort of your arms
The freefall will end, and my feet shall find the ground

But the ground will not be the same as before
Change will have entered the soil and turned it to cloud
Because my love for you makes me feel light and happy
And the change will be permanent and everlasting

The feeling of freefall is like none other
It can be purely terrifying or the best feeling in the world
But now I know what makes the difference
It all depends on who is there to catch you

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