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Waves of Wheat

August 24, 2009
By kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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It’s whipping in the wind,
A sea of green.
Most breathtaking sight,
I ever have seen.

Flowing bright emerald,
As it rolls across the land.
Glowing like a trophy,
On a magnificent stand.

Turns gloomy into high spirits.
Run, jump, spin, sing.
Like a soaring bird,
Stretches its wing.

A pond sits in the middle,
Of the majestic wheat.
Put out a blanket,
And plop down to take a seat.

Or dangle your feet,
In the water so cold.
The scent is brilliant,
Subtle yet bold.

This is my heaven,
My sanctuary of tranquil.
Where bliss is forever,
Where time stands still.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after returning from my Grandparents farm.. it was possibly the most relaxed ive ever been

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