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Time To Choose

August 24, 2009
By kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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When you talk about her
Its more than I can bare
Tears fall swiftly down my cheek
Do you even care?

More than friends?
Or is that all I can offer?
What makes her special?
Tell me and I’ll change for you.

Because your worth it.
And I need you.
More than you know.
And I think you need me too.

You know not right now,
But if you open your eyes
Open your heart
While mine sighs

Supposedly the one
But she cant be
I love you too much
If only you could see.

I wish I could release you from my thoughts
And finally be free
No more pain
Free to just be me.

You have me tangled
In a web of emotion
don’t know whether to cry
Or to just laugh at the sun

Blinking back tears
At every thought of you
And smiling still
At every thought too

I can see it on your face
Every moment you think of her
Just know how much I love you
When you choose, be sure.

This is the end, or the beginning
Cause if it’s her you choose,
Just be prepared and know
That it is me you lose.

You hold her so close
But your looking at me
And yet when I close my eyes
Its me and you I see.

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