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Losing All Hope

August 24, 2009
By kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
kayleefaith PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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I want to scream
I want to shout
I want to cry
I want to let it out!

Cant breathe
Cant think
Nightmares have returned
Pushing hope down the sink

Darkness closing in
Sight blurred by tears
doesn’t matter anyway
Can only see my worst fears

Sunlight has faded
Flowers have wilted
Colors have darkened
Fresh air turned stale

All because your gone
With no hope of return
My life is upside down
Here is something to learn:

Memories hold me together.
Tears fall from my eyes.
When your gone,
Just lift my head to the skies

If you love me
Show me.
If you don’t
Lose me.

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