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August 26, 2009
By amusedsimpleton BRONZE, Winnemucca, Nevada
amusedsimpleton BRONZE, Winnemucca, Nevada
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I watch you from afar,
yet another critique.
I want the courage to tell you a
secret, or maybe just to speak.

I want to know that feeling,
you know, the one that makes them shriek.
The one that makes your knees
feel just a little weak.

I see you in my sleep,
my nightmare and my dream.
But then you disappear
and things aren't as they seem.

You're surrounded by the light,
something beautiful and daring.
It's drawing me in closer,
and I know I must be staring.

It's something in the way you move,
the way you make your smile.
But watching as you laugh and talk,
makes me stay for awhile.

Your eyes, the color of
the rocking, waving, brightest seas.
Your hair's the gentle golden
of summer's warm, wet breeze.

You're greater than the mountains
that I'd climb to see you once more.
You're amazing like the stars,
something worth living for.

If I told you that I loved you,
would you keep that solemn vow?
If I asked you to love me,
would you even know how?

Something about who you are,
just keeps me coming 'round.
It's got to be that quirky look
that keeps me on the ground.

Something about the way you say
my name, it keeps me hindered.
It's got to be the way you joke
that leaves my heart in cinders.

We aren't a modern day
Romeo and Juliet.
But it's kind of hard to believe
you haven't noticed me yet.

You look over in my direction,
and it's then that our eyes meet.
And when your mouth curls up,
my heart, it skips a beat.

You raise a hand to me,
like a soldier saluting his leader.
And then I think that maybe,
you're a mind reader.

You get up and say goodbye
to the other girls, who wait on your every move.
You walk up to me and I
think I've got something to prove.

I get up off my bench,
and lean in your direction.
I raise my eyes to yours
and they're swimming with affection.

I open my mouth to talk,
release my tongue and my thoughts,
finding the courage
that I desperately sought.

I stand up a little straighter
so as to not seem quite so short.
But then you hold out a hand,
cutting off my last resort.

You raise your eyebrows, force a laugh,
and I'm thinking I've lost my chance.
But then you blush and mumble,
"May I have this dance?"

The author's comments:
Everyone has that special someone. I wrote this for mine. :)

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on Sep. 12 2009 at 5:48 pm
jennee21_ann GOLD, Helper, Utah
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omigoodness! wow, this is such a sweet, sweet poem! :) amazing! i love how you start at the beginning describing him, i picture him perfectly :) then you keep progressing and i love how you explain how you feel about him (every girl feels like this right!?) you wrote it very well :) the ending is so sweet, and i just love this piece! it's honsetly awesome! :) 5 stars. oh and please write more! :) also check out and comment on some of my work, i love the feedback. GREAT POEM! :)