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What's your style?

November 18, 2009
By K-dogg BRONZE, Fairmount, North Dakota
K-dogg BRONZE, Fairmount, North Dakota
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What’s your style?
Compliments: everyone loves them especially when they are about you. They give you a boost of confidence and you just feel a surge of happiness. Compliments keep conversations going and interesting. So how do I compliment others? I use three main ways to compliment.
Subtle and sneaky: These compliments can be used when you like someone but don’t want them to know. Sometimes it’s just nice to throw a little compliment someone’s way. An example would be “Wow I never realized how blue your eyes are.” See this is a sneaky compliment. This leaves the person wondering “Is it good my eyes are blue?” At the same time, depending on the person, they feel happy and glad that you even noticed their eyes. Subtle sneaky is a go to way to compliment anyone and everyone.

Over extravagant compliments are used when someone is feeling really down and depressed. They need to be cheered up. A good example of this is when someone is about do something really hard, like take the ACT. I would say something like “You will do fine; you’re so smart, just like Albert Einstein.” In reality, the person probably isn’t that smart, but if for a split second they actually think they are that smart, the compliment has reached success. When used right an over extravagant compliment can really be successful.

Blunt and to the point compliments are when you really just want to tell someone what’s on your mind. You don’t want to sugar coat it or go around the point. You simply want to say what’s on your mind and let the other person know how you feel. Normally a person doesn’t expect this, but when they receive it, they feel totally awesome. An example is “Wow, You sure look swell in that sweater.” It’s clear and right to the point. Blunt and to the point compliments scream honesty and sincerity.

Aren’t compliments wonderful? Compliments really are the sunshine of life. They bring happiness and joy to everyone. Use these simple compliment strategies and you can become a compliment master. The next time you receive a compliment, remember how great it feels, but of course don’t forget to compliment others as well.

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