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The Separation Of Heart And Mind.

December 23, 2009
By HiddenGem GOLD, North Fort Myers, Florida
HiddenGem GOLD, North Fort Myers, Florida
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The Line Between My Heart And Mind,
Has Been Muddled.
I Can't Quite Seem To Grasp It Any Longer.
My Mind Knows That Wanting This Is Wrong,
But My Heart Screams For Me To Just Take This Chance.
Yet My Mind Already Can Tell That The Hope I Harbor Is Futile.
Had I Meant Anything To You,
You Would Never Have Run Away To Begin With.
But My Heart Begs For A Simple Sign To Show That My Mind Is Wrong.
Deep Inside I Know My Mind Is Right.
I'm Sure That I Don't Cross Your Mind.
I'm Sure That When You See Me,
I Mean Nothing.
I'm Sure That To You,
I'm Just Another Face In A Crowd Of Meaningless People.
Despite These Rationalizations,
I Can't Help But Try To Prove Myself Wrong.
I Search For A Subtle Hint In Your Eyes.
I Swear I Saw It,
Just For A Second That Night,
But Now,
I'm Back To Questioning Myself.
All Because You're Always In My Head.
It's Driving Me Crazy,
This Not Knowing.
These Questions Taunt Me.
Any Sane Person Would Just Ask,
Take The Rejection,
Or Embrace The Acceptance.
I'm Not Sane.
Not In The Slightest.
So I'll Languish In This Desert Of Dry Lonlieness.
Hoping For Another Chance To Spot A Simple Sign.
I Have A Small Glimmer Of Hope,
But That Glimmer Will Fade If I'm Sucked Back Into This Hailstorm Of Emotion.
I'm Not Sure How Much Longer I'll Last,
But I'm Trying My Hardest.
My Glimmer Of Hope Tells Me That You'll See The Effort I Put Forth,
But My Mind's Racing On With Negativities.
Just Do Me A Simple Favor?
Prove My Heart Right,
And My Mind Wrong.

The Separation Of Heart And Mind,
Is One That's Unable To Be Seen.
For There Is No Separation,
Only The Illusion Of One.
The Mind And Heart Are A Single Entity,
Combined Through A Complex Series Of Emotions.
Good Luck Trying To Pry These Two Pieces Apart.

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