February 7, 2010
By Daydreamishly GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
Daydreamishly GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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The night was seductive
And invincible they,
They took out their weapons
And ran all the way

They found the least guarded
No lock on the place
They entered the building
With lust on each face

They found an old painting
A gold locket or two
They indelicately took them
And left the rest askew

Yet this didn’t slow them
They just wouldn’t heed
When no one could catch them
What was the need?

Still dark and delightful
They robbed the whole street
And the lot of them were
Quick on their feet

They saw the lights on
In an extremely large house
Yet they crept up to the building
Each quiet as a mouse

They wanted the money
They needed the screams
And so the glassbreakers
Interrupted your dreams

They broke the glass in the window
They left the blood upon the floor
They caught the gift that I gave you
They left you to breathe no more

And lo, the glassbreakers
They got away still
The glass is all shattered
And left on the sill

They tell that this happened
That they’re sorry for the death
I guess that they don’t know
It’s been a year since we last met

I moved on pretty quickly
And I never really thought
But I guess I wish I’d hadn’t left
That last time that we fought

Then I would have been murdered too
Bloody by your side
If I had only stayed with you
Together we’d have died.

I wonder what you thought that second
Before you passed along
I wonder if you thought of me
And wondered what went wrong

Realization hits me hard
I want the dumb glassbreakers dead
They have not a right to live
After all, it’s not just your blood shed

Your funeral will be at noon
They’ll be gone by then
I can’t believe you died so soon
But at least you’ll be avenged.

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