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Venturing For Neverland

February 13, 2010
By rebecca22 SILVER, Franklin, Georgia
rebecca22 SILVER, Franklin, Georgia
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When will my lovely fairy
Sneak into my home
And spare me her pixie dust
So to Neverland I can roam?

I want to leave this unjust world
Consumed with maturity
And enter a non-reality
Filled with naïve innocent purity

I’m so tired of being boxed in
Seeing intimidating men with guns
I’m tired of seeing weeping women
Mourning for their sons

Tired of seeing enlarged ribbons
Tied around a wide oak
I want to see a bright blue sky
Instead of thick black smoke

I just want to be a kid once more
We’re growing up too fast
Is it so wrong to need to believe
This world can be surpassed?

But more than anything I want
I need to have some hope
A little thread of faith supplied
So everyone can cope

So every single night
I’ll interlace my hands
And pray that in the morning
I’ll wake in Neverland

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