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Why is life so hard

February 17, 2010
By Bradley_F. SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Bradley_F. SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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My life is like a hole.
A big gap in the earth that nobody wants.
My life is like the sea.
Rough and many have died in it.
My Life is like a hill.
Once I'm at the top, the only place i can go is down.
My life is like a forest.
Full of different species, but someone always wants to destroy it.

Why is my life so hard.
I try my best to change.
But no matter how hard I try,
it seems theres always one person there to knock me down.
I am fortunate because I have those who love me.
But what good are they if they are never around until they want something.
My future is bright.
But it seems the only thing people see when they see me is the "Smart kid".
My life is so hard because I can never set in my "Cruise Control" feature because my ocean has storms too common

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