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Where it Ended

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

As she looked up into the sky
She would always wonder why
Things were happening to her
Why they all seem like a blur

She would ask God this one question
Then would go into depression
Since she hears no answer back
Everything would turn pure black

Then she thought about her death
How she took her last deep breath
She got up onto her feet
And started walking through the street

She would run right through the crowd
Knowing that she's not allowed
Remembering what she would do
Just to get a little clue

Remember running, then a stop
As she pictures herself drop
She knew the man who drove just drank
He's the one she'd never thank

He's the one who stopped her heart
Then her world just tore apart
One by one, into small pieces
Everything slowly decreases

As she sees her sister cry
She tries hard to say goodbye
Her sister knows up there's her mother
And now she looses the 2nd other

Knowing that she's only 13
Seven days from being 14
She would slowly drop a tear
With thought of her pathetic and dark past year

Then she knew her life has faced
Nothing but a total waste
She wondered why she was ever there
And where was the answer to her prayer

Maybe if she only tried
She might have had never had to hide
If only she had made that choice
To listen to a simple voice

But she did not want to care
This is why she's on the stair
She takes the step as her last decision
This is something she'd never invision

Slowly she would fade away
Having no last words to say
Then she finally comprehended
This is the place where it all ended

This will certify that the above work is completely original.

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