Night | Teen Ink


May 9, 2008
By Anonymous


It engulfs me.
It feels me.
It heals me.
From the pain and suffering.
Helps me stop huffing and puffing.
Not trying to control me.
Just wants to hold me.
The beauty of the night.
It never causes me any fright.
It calms the demon in me.
It brings out the caring in me.
It breaths just like me.
Its tense when I'm tense.
Where ever I am it follows.
After the sun goes down.
It begins to swallow.
I love the night.
For in it I shine real bright.
I will never put up a fight.
Especially against the night.
For it is the most beautiful thing.
when the stars shine bright.
After the night engulfs everything in the night.

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