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Seven Inches Deep

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Up North in southern Michigan,
During one of many long frigid nights
A light fluff began to float
Down from the increasingly cloudy sky.
Instantly I knew wat was in store.

The night progressed slowly.
Second by second, minute by minute
It continued to fall.
That night I was excited to go to bed
For I knew what awaited me in the morning.

I popped out of bed with the excitement
Of a young child on Christmas Day despite
How exhausted I was. I crept down the stairs
To see what the night had left me.
It was more than I ever imagined.

Blinding it was, with its soft,
Pure nature as it more than dusted
Everything in its path. It was piled
Upon every chair, table, and tree
For as far as I could see. Undisturbed
And lonely it rested seven inches thick.

"This will certify that the abover work is completely original."

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