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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I want ...

Above all else ... to be happy.
Happy with life
Happy with myself
Happy despite what cards I may be dealt.

To marry my high school sweetheart ... Joe.
He is my rock.
He is my best friend.
He is who I picutre myself with fifty years from now.

Kids giggling and grinning ... four of them.
Four happy, healthy kids
Four total, but at least one girl.
Four to grow up together forming indestructible, unbreakable bonds.

The future will ...

Allow me to be a pediatric psyhiatrist
To help and mold and write on the
slate of innocent children.
Provide me with the comfort of worry-free finances
Not agonizing over protection from
the elements or growling tummies to
Let me introduce my children to the world
And the world to my children.
Bless me with family vacations in the summer
From Alaska's Northern Lights to
zoos in New York.

I want the world, and at eighteen, it's mine for the taking.

"This will certify that the above work is completely origianl."

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