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Summertime and the Living's Easy

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Lying amongst a mattress of sultry grass.
The sun smiling down upon me, breathing warmth that dances up and down my body.
Clouds are passing, like grand, shape-shifting marshmallows in the sky.
Nearby a butterfly flutters around, I can hear the flitting of its wings.
A squirrel hops from branch to branch, much like a pinball bouncing off a bumpter.
Tall grasses dance back and forth, back and forth giving the impression of a softly swaying maiden.
Whoosh hiss spuh the wind carries off a million seedlings from the head of a dandelion, they scatter in the air like a school of fish, broken up by a lurching predator.
Leaves rustle like a slowly sizzling steak.
There I lie, the observer of the beauty that is nature as it eminates on a summers day
I breath it in, as it breaths it out.

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