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Who she is/was

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Who was she?
Walking the path that follows that of the one before her.
The light at the top of the stairs is so close.
The futures nearing.
Leaving behind those she loves.
But the memories are the only things had now.
Truly weird it is packing away all the childhood memories into boxes.
But someone once said that new beginnings are good right?
That’s all she can hope for.
Reading old notes once passed in class, or in the halls between classes.
Looking at the photographs.
From days at the park and lying in mommy’s arms.
To catholic school, times at Yellowstone and being goofy with Frank and Skye.
Where are they now she wonders.
To high school.
Those first few days a stir.
To prom and graduating.
Playing in Erin’s barn.
Sleepovers every night.
All the good times.
She even remember s every fight.
Every moment fitting into times endless puzzle pieces.
Does she regret anything?
Maybe so.
She would change the things went down with Adrian and the Beacon boys.
She might of tried better in school.
She might not of let a certain friendship be ruined.
She misses the days they would stay up all night telling each other secrets.
But what would life be if we could change the past.
But here it is the split in the road.
Which way is the right ay to go?
Nobody really truthfully knows.
But the end is near.
And the question still remains.
Who is she?

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