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Heart of Gold

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Under my melting iron armor
You see my tender heart of gold.

Shunning the past.
Burning my bridges to the last.
My demons are stuck on the other side.
And on this new path I start to glide.
Voices that are a sweet melody.
Kisses as sweet as honey.
Your touch sends shivers down my spine.
As it were, I wish you were mine.
The hunger in your look
And in that moment I was hooked.

You opened my eyes to a world previously unseen.
You broke my usual, mundane routine.
Feeling was only known through the blade.
On the desk my friend always laid.
You swept me up in your arms and held me tight.
Waiting on me to make things right.
And now here I stand before you.
A whole new girl in a brand new world.
And in this new found life
Away goes the knife.
Happiness is found everywhere
And nowhere.

And now you see.
I’m everything I ever wanted to be.

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