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Do I Like school

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


Do I like school?
Seems to me everything I do is disrespectful
Oops you broke this rule you broke that rule
It makes me wonder will I ever be respectful
If you question this question that you’re out of school
But I don’t care cause I’m uh speak my mind and be truthful

Do I like school?
This to short to much skin is showing
I wonder if kids drop out of school because of the rules
Or if there afraid of changing, risking, and growing
I can never find myself to drop out of school because I want a big house with a pool

Do I like school?
People tell me I have a lot of potential and can go places
They say school is the place to go places and see famous faces
Do I like school I think I like the thought of going to school
Helps me become filthy rich and wonderful

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