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the lake

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The lake

The sky is dark, as if a shadow had been cast across the rivaling heavens.
Only the illuminating light of the moon shown through the starless night.
I sit on the edge of the pool of the forbidden water
The darkness of its tinted waters dance with the ever-changing tides.
Golden fireflies waltzed together in their rhythmic patterns,
Like living candles in the night.
The forlorn crickets sing their tuneless songs of sorrow
The snapping of the bare branches against the howling winds
The resting ravens take flight with the moon on their wings
The burning charcoal from a distant cabin burns my eyes, making them water
While the sweet sent of the drifting lilies sooth their pain.
The wild berry juices stains and dries my mouth
While the cool crystal Lake water refreshes it.
The wet grass is smooth beneath my feet
The cold water is now caged between my hands
Everything remains slant to hear the cricket’s song
The moon casts an innocent shine upon the black lake,
Giving it its long desired beauty
And at last I am at peace

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