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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

What can you expect?
you and I once more
chosen by fate I may add
but can you make sure?

a wind comes in and
the breeze carries our free soul
out from beneath

Everywhere I go
you seem to appear
when I runaway far
I feel your presense,you're near
In deads of winters,of colds so sheer
You come abruptly,of assumed fear

You say all the same
as I am the last,
but in actions I see
from the love that you cast

Of all,yet again
the more I have back when
I can't seem to shake
The truth I can't break
Of the values at stake
I assumed it was fate,
The obstacles so great,
I've encountered a stalemate.

Up and below
the feelings I show
of the bountiful glow
one thing you should know

Of the past and the future
I shall remain
in this boundless game
that causes such pain
in the pit of my brain
that keeps me to say
for who's to blame
,but a figure called fate.

--The End--

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