Grandpa | Teen Ink


May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

“Cla-click” goes the seatbelt
as I slide into the smooth leather seat of my car,
water quickly gathering in these wells
as I wake the engine
and we slowly creep down the driveway
with no haste- trying to freeze the moment.
Had I really gotten the call?
I closed my eyes, wishing it was only a dream,
but then the first tear falls…and another.
Soon a crescendo of emotions
cleanse eyeliner…mascara…foundation from my face
and sneak into the corners of my lips.
Sadness pulses through my veins.
Bitterness stings my tongue.
Despair stains my heart.
We’re half-way there
and memories flood my mind like Katrina.
This isn’t a dream.
This is life-
taken from grandpa.

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