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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

As I stand, as I stand on the beach in the north
And stare out to the sunlit sea
The fires within do dance and quake
For the soul that reveals itself nigh
I sigh--how I sigh!--for long time now hath gone
Sinking to the icy depth
Settling on the sandy floor

Knees caress grain; tears splash and wane
Ripples fading, always fading away
My life? The same frail path set out by those shed
The trail: leading to an empty void
Flames fall and flicker; eyes drooping still
And the kill? Oh the kill!
How it stoops in the balmy air

Grasping the stone, the sand in my palm
Iris finally meeing the waves
Intimate, beautiful, the cold that I feel
Consuming, sedating euphoria
The sword, do I take you to heart?
Swallowing my part of death
A morsel of humanity remains

Now how I kiss you! Earth I once stood
Master ruling his domain
Birds of the air--how I disdain
Your escape from the land, from the grave
Do I cry? Should I cry fo the tear that is my last?
The final crest in the calm sea
Enveloped in the rolling mist

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