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The Light in the Dark

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Death approaches with a blanket of shadow.
So be weary of the darkness, stay in the light,
the obscure gloom is indeed a forewarning of death to come.
Before that dreadful night arrives,
there will be a harvest of souls.

After the eight plagues struck,
the darkness trailed.
It was the precursor—three days in fear
followed by the soaring of the death angel.

In the sixth hour,
shadow smothered the land.
At high noon, the sun was nowhere to be found;
it mourned the death
of the son of the world.

With daily fires burning, it is easy to forget
As certainly as it rises in the east
the sun will set,
and then night will then come.
for as he conquered darkness once he will again,
and all those with him will be as one light,
but the others,
the others will be lost in the darkness forever.

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