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Stupid Europeans

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Stupid Europeans, to them our American Dream is dead,
If it weren’t for America, you’d already be united,
But our service was rendered long ago, and your hearts are lost,
you falsely imagine that you are the best.

Stupid Europeans, work is of no importance,
your precious Union of Nations will finance your fun,
and protect you from hell,
but the ways of the world are not so simple.

Stupid Europeans, you are not the best in the world,
when judgment day comes, God will release his wrath upon Earth,
and ash will pour down upon Europe,
and leave it an eternally dark place.

Stupid Europeans, you’ve all lost your touch,
your European Union possesses no power,
it’s military presence is lackluster at best and pathetic at worst,
know that there shall never be peace on Earth.

Stupid Europeans, we know how to survive,
we ignore the occasional bird or bee to work and live,
and our military presence is unmatched in all of history,
we will be able to get through.

Stupid Europeans, enjoy your pleasures now,
before someone comes along to crush your Union forces
and slaughter your birds and your bees,
and perhaps then you will be aware of your errors.

Stupid Europeans, you will not find salvation in America.

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