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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Cuts heal,
And bruises fade.
But the pain I feel,
The pain you made...

Is different.

The scars are there,
But can't be seen.
They're beneath the flair,
Behind the scenes.

They're different.

Two whole years
We made it through.
And I shed many tears
Because of you.

We were different.

We took a "break,"
But stayed the same as before.
Eventually I couldn't fake
Those feelings anymore.

I was different.

I know what you said,
And you do too.
But it seems you'd rather be dead
Than admit that it's true.

Nothing's different.

In the days that followed
The words you said,
My big heart was hollowed
And it messed with my head.

You made me different.

Now I am healthy,
My heart is whole.
With friends, I am wealthy
And that was my goal.

I am different.

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