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May 17, 2008
By Anonymous

There are holes in my heart were I bear shame
There are unperfected things about me
There are people who misinterpret my looks
There is fear when I speak of what I am going to say
There is a dark shadow following me when I am angry
There is temptation I should not fall into but often do
Were I go no one dares to follow
What I think no one cares about
People stare at me but I don’t seem to care about me
People crush my dreams and no one is there for the pain
People beat on me but no one heels the anger
There’s nothing else to do
But be invisible
But then they will have no roll model
They have no reason to hate me but often do
They have no reason to live my life but I often let them
They roll right over me with my permission
But that stops now
Now they can’t rule my life
They better watch because I rule my life
I am not a rag doll i have feelings to
I will show them just not in the ways you do
I'll show them with pride
Lifes not meant for just serving you

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