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A Poem Called Love

April 6, 2010
By geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
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If i've learnt how to love, it's because of you.

a phenomenon unparalleled within this world,
felt by every human being,
something desired and destined for,
to acquire that full feeling,
love is the motivation behind people's greatness,
the inspiration to achieve perfection,
yet the mysterious emotion can strike at any time,
descending like an injection,
it colonises the whole heart of a body,
twisting it inside out,
whitewashing old ideas into new love,
until it's a lust devout,
like an unquenchable deep inside attraction,
to another of the species,
a feeling never withdrawn or into hiding,
the feeling never ceases,
the remains of ruins of love forever,
mark on the landscape of the heart,
like an age-old emotional monument,
never to be torn apart,
a love multiplies exponentially,
it monopolises the mind and soul,
dictator rule in pursuit of satisfaction,
it becomes the centre of control,
it chases desires hidden within,
which struggle to be kept secret,
a screaming voice admitting adoration,
from the heavenly turrets,
finally love is the utmost of our wants,
and also the most valuable need,
it overthrows other existing emotions,
until it's what the mind bleeds

The author's comments:
Just written from my experience of how wonderful love feels.

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