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The Beast

August 22, 2010
By Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Each day it compels me to do things that no man should do… Each day it slowly eats away at my mind and my soul… Each day it confuses me as to what I am… As to whom I am… Each day the beast slowly loses its’ mind… Each day I have to ask myself who am I…? What am I…? And each day I hear it… I hear the beast… Yes… The Beast… I hear it tell me that we are the one who doesn’t belong… I hear it tell me that we are The Beast… And when I hear that I shudder and cry… Each time I hear I feel like it’s a little truer… That as each day passes I become a little more like it… A little like The Beast that is the darkness, the fear, the anger, the pain, the sadness, and the disappointment that is in my heart, soul and mind… I lay there each night as tears leak silently from my eyes as I realize that The Beast is eating my humanity… Each day I feel everything get a little darker and a little colder… Each day I feel The Beast turn into my soul… I can’t tell anymore if I want The Beast to be gone or to stay with me… When can I be free…? When can I be me…? When will my beast be free…? When will it reign over the cities…?

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