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November 1, 2010
By beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
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Its because im sick that i write this theres so much to say to you

and it wasnt because your love wasnt enough my self hatred was hidden from veiw

like the death of a rose, the beauty of youth decays- with times ticking shadow

and the tunnel that guides our future its path, oh how it seems so shallow

unfounded its deemed the morbid, obscene dreams of dark's sweet embrace

the petals that drop so withered atop trampled forgetting their place

and the turning of leaves displacment preceeds, it swallows a person whole

so then I lost the will to go on i disconected from my soul

who's to say we'll be parted for long- to the depth of my heart i pray-
for the day that i meet with you in time there will still be mountains to say

to break my silence is certain death to hold it i'd have to flee-i have nothing left to stand on
as i take forsaken breath from me

The author's comments:
this kind of heart break- its the kind where you are walking the thin line between truth and lies and trying to find if eventually the path would widen out- only to give up before theres a chance for anything else. to keep your silence or look into the eyes of your beloved and fool them for the rest of your days. this poem is a decision of defeat

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