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October 29, 2010
By beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
beeD3 BRONZE, Sarver, Pennsylvania
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What hides under the facade?
I masked the truth
Both bound by bitter lies
I so entwined for you

Grim clouds sweep the sun
And try to take away
But I cannot undo what i have done
And I can't make you stay

So my heart beats poison
More fatal with every breath i take
The earthquake that might come
Might sink the Atlantis i so craved

Nebulous recollection of the days far gone
The days before wrong the days of our Love's song

And what I hold from you I cannot undo
I cannot retract its over due
I'm over my head and
Everything is numb everything is dead
Look what I've become because of what was never said

She told me to abjure the scene, nurture the lie
-- But all the crime and
All the time I slice deeper from the injustice
From the obstructed -- dear God
What have I done with the love that I covet?

And he tells me what I need to hear
Don’t worry darling don't ever fear
But rebound
And with resounding force I look into the other eyes
Which look at me with love as I hold these dirty lies

The truth will set you free
But our truth will massacre me
While I thrash against it all
I thrash and crash and scream and fall
And tumble down the rabbit hole

And who knows

Maybe in this reality you won’t be you and I won’t be me
And I won’t have destroyed our destiny.
Our family remains to be seen

The author's comments:
I think everyone can relate to this

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