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November 26, 2010
By KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
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Noise comes, noise as noise in noise;
Calls itself the noise, the noise
So tall, so thin, yet not aboding
Omens, nor smart features goading –

But its predominating figure
Subsists to self a social stature.
Thick lights provide the noise no vision
But passed, pampered, waived derision –

I sound not that they are confounded
Or of presence absorbed or mounded –
I speak not of them; but of the noise –
Of that I speak, and with lyrical poise.

The author's comments:
Written with Shakespeare on my mind. I've kind of had that song of Balthasar's from Much Ado About Nothing in my head lately. Come to think about it, I've had a bunch of musics in my head lately. Oh, by the way, the poem came first, the title second, and the stanzing third.

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