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new me

January 15, 2011
By MarguriteV. BRONZE, Portlnd, Oregon
MarguriteV. BRONZE, Portlnd, Oregon
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"what am i not the right kind of monster for you bella"

As I awoke one Morning from uneasy dreams I found myself transformed in my broken bed into a humongous spider. I had eight pointy legs and 4,000 eyes I glance out my window. Then I noticed I have never seen the world this way, the sky so clean and bright. The sun there to wake me to this new life. It is like I was looking into a painters mind, seeing every detail every fine line. The world looked calm and peaceful in my new eyes. The swirling blue sky fades into the soft lushes green grass. Every blade different than the last. Hopping out my window the fresh crisp breeze comforts me as I begin to run. I run as fast as I can casting my web to tree to tree. Swing around the world as the new me.

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