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Black Holes

March 15, 2011
By spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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At my window, facing the south. 
I see shadows of delicate, cotton candy, pink clouds. 
Hard to catch their beauty,
As tears fog my vision. 

The sun sets. 
Can I move on like the sun?
As she passes the horizon, and says goodbye to all darkness, for she is light herself. 
Can I feel like the sun? 
Can I let go of all past thoughts,
And move to what I want?
I just want to enlighten the world, day by day, like the sun.  
Is it possible? Even with all distractions, obstacles, and prevailing stars? 

Should I quit after years of no accomplishment. 
Or should I keep trying. 
A word used for the intention of failure. 

So I am a stellar nebula,
And you are all supernova. 
Already found, and beautiful, and life accomplished. 
Supernova will turn into a black hole, 
Sucking in everything at sight. 
Taking stellar nebula. 

So here I am,
Looking out south. 
Tears are wiped, 
Sky is dark. 

Makes a lot more sense to live a dark cloud, with a never-ending cycle of wonders. 
Using my, real, emotions to enlighten the world. 
Not, obnoxious, pink shadows. 
Dark and thick, 
Full of opportunities. 

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