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Green Pandas

March 15, 2011
By spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Disguised in the clouds.  
Shadowed on fences. 
Hugging the ground in dreams.
Sprinkles on the sky at night.  

Things intangible. 
Maybe we're not normal, 
And the psycho girl is. 
What if crazy was natural,
And natural was crazy?

What if,
We were all floating in the sky,
Yet unseen. 
And if things were upside down,
Though never noticed.   
If people smiled,
And stayed that way. 
If we all had magical powers. 
Living in wonderlands of our own.

Purple smoke,
And golden blood. 
Rainbow grass,
And gray buildings filled with crayons. 
Windows covered in orange paint, 
And the sound of maroon dances. 

Her mind filled with true imaginations. 
True in her eyes. 
Smoke and mirrors in her hands. 
That sparkling star, 
Faithfully her rocket awaiting her. 

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