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March 15, 2011
By spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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I imagine a tidal wave, 
Sinking me under. 
White foam, 
Washing in my hair. 
Soft shells,
Touch my feet. 
Grainy sand,
Floating around me. 
My breath escapes,
and my heart is erased. 

all around,
With luminescent white. 
As I sink further in the ocean. 
My body,
Light in the water,
Yet being pulled lower.
Debris all around me,
As someone ruins the blue and white waves. 

I imagine a thunderstorm,
Cascading over me. 
Cold puddles,
Drenching my hair. 
Wet cement,
Uncomforting my feet. 
The scent of rain,
Swishing past me. 
My breath escapes,
And my heart is erased.

All around,
With green and black leaves and dirt. 
As I taste more of the rain marbles. 
My body,
Heavy on the ground, 
Yet being pulled above to peace. 
Stars all around me,
As the storm escapes. 

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