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Sprinkle Me

March 15, 2011
By spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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I say!
Demanding my body,
I need to sleep. 
My eyes rebel,
My mind tortures me. 
All I want is some rest. 
Why can't I just be let go?
Like a feather in the wind,
Always moving,
My eyes keep blinking. 
Yet they droop with insomnia,
And burn in a scream for rest.

As I lay,
Waiting for sleep. 
Waiting for the sprinkles of sleep to drop upon me from the clouds in the dreams. 
Like a child imagines the Sleep Faerie to sprinkle dust for happy dreams.

All I want,
Is to be sprinkled upon. 
Yet I toss and turn. 
Until I toss no more,
And my eyes scream no more,
Sleep has come. 

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