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April 18, 2011
By NomLoveMonster SILVER, Florence, Arizona
NomLoveMonster SILVER, Florence, Arizona
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You feel your heart pounding
So hard that you believe it might burst out of your chest
The quiet darkness doesn't calm you
You breathe, and breathe some more
That's when you hear it
The simple call of your name
Your cue
Making your entrance you feel your face blush madly
Through the caked, three shades lighter than your average skin, make-up
As you speak your first word you don't feel the nerves
Your face lights up and you speak clearly
No audience exists
No eyes are staring at you
You are alone, with the faces of your friends you once spoke too earlier that evening
As you take your leave, you take a deep breath
You sit, and wait
Wait to hear your next name
Your next cue
Your heart will soon stop pounding
But the quiet darkness will soon calm you.

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