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April 15, 2011
By G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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"Buy the ticket, take the Ride"-Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Sweet LA Sunrise, over the land of my birth
The humble land whose soil was my first
And held me with love until I was released to the Earth

Palm trees form halos over the City of Angels and amphetamines
Whether thy bounty is gold, love or ganja
The man with Passion flocks to thee to be free and Serene
In the coyote desert tonight

The smell of grapes, and weed and the fog in front of the mountain
The obscured hill lines dance in the Sun
Californias Youth springs eternally, like the fabled fountain
And all the people in their sunglasses soak it up smacking there lips

Your sands are still littered with the footprints of freedom fighters so free long ago
Where beards and beads and LSD meshed and blew up
And the mushroom cloud faded to reveal failure and sorrow
But the dream of peace still levitates above the concrete

I’m rolling a joint for California tonight
To smoke in nostalgia
And shed a tear for a home that was never mine

The author's comments:
Riverside, California, 1992

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