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May 9, 2011
By Annieboo SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
Annieboo SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Some one who gets tricked is a fool. Some one who trusts is an even bigger fool. But if you get tricked and tricked again...and still trust...that's makes you the best person to know.

Will you remember me,
Even when our path's break
Never to cross once again?

Will you remember the quiet girl,
Who only listened to your pleas,

Never denying what you felt?

Remember for her,
Remember for yourself,
Never leave her behind.

A small smile, a joyful laugh
Tears, sorrow-filled eyes.

Never forget the good and bad.

All are precious memories.

If you remember, so will she.

The author's comments:
Sometimes I wonder if people I knew in middle school will still remember me when they leave to highschool and beyond. I am so insignificant, would they really remember me? This poem is written to show I will not forget them.

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