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English Class Sestina

May 30, 2011
By kidmick98 GOLD, Gulliver, Michigan
kidmick98 GOLD, Gulliver, Michigan
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Lovely lady, Mrs. Moxie
Teaching Noontime English Class
Quietly whispering is Alyssa
She leans over Dan’s
Shoulder, who is reading poetry by Aaron
Who, at the time is talking to me.

I wait for inspiration to come and muse me
But in the meantime, Mrs. Moxie
Sits and grades essays, and occasionally glances at Aaron
And his English class
Work, sprawling slightly onto Dan’s
Desk. Several inquisitions pertaining to class evade the mouth of Alyssa.

A girl very dear to me
And Dan
Will be my friend forever, but Mrs. Moxie
Still grades her English Class
Papers, as conversation trickles between me, Dan, Alyssa, and Aaron.

According to Aaron,
Life’s not a big deal, Alyssa
Begs to differ as we debate in English Class
I sit quietly; it doesn’t make a difference to me
We are scolded by Mrs. Moxie
And giggles escape from Dan.

Bursts out laughing at Aaron’s
Really lame joke, Mrs. Moxie
Doesn’t seem to get the punch line, either does Alyssa
It all makes sense to me,
But Only in English Class…

English Class
Starts to drag by, just like Dan
Writing a poem, just like me
Running a Cross Country race, just like Aaron
Finding the right words to say, Like Alyssa
Telling me her deepest darkest secret…Hurry Mrs. Moxie…

Mrs. Moxie in English Class
Teaching a lesson, yet finding Alyssa and Dan still confused…The essence of English Class lingers in Aaron’s words to me, the essence of great friendship forged here.

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on Aug. 8 2011 at 10:41 pm
shoelessjoe GOLD, Highland, Michigan
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hahahaha I love this :D so much!