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Soldiers of Love

June 29, 2011
By shoelessjoe GOLD, Highland, Michigan
shoelessjoe GOLD, Highland, Michigan
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We are soldiers of love.
We march to the beat of our hearts.

We die at the hands of time. We give
Band-Aids to those wit broken hearts.

We are no Navy Seals but Red Hearts.
Earning Purple Hearts for our bravery

And gutsy actions in getting the girl or
Kissing the guy. We have no AK’s but a

Strong bow that’s like an old friend and
Trusty arrows that ensure every time

We’ll be in for the kill.
Our cargo planes are paper carrying

Hand written messaged we send over
To the ones we think we love. Our

Training is real world. We come
Across brick walls. Some we find so

Beautiful or handsome that we are
Determined to scale them. And we find

That if it’s difficult, but we are compelled
To scale it until we climb over we learn

That we know we want it and we have found
True love on that other side.

We are assigned the kill the void between us
And the person we want to get closet to.

We give Band-Aids to those with broken
Hearts. We die at the hands of time.

We march to the beat of our hearts.
We are soldiers of love.

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Ally said...
on Aug. 2 2011 at 7:17 pm
Gracey i love this one:)))) It is REALLY GREAT!!!!