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November 21, 2011
By Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
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How can you go on, not seeing thier face? How can you just forget everything that's broken? I don't understand why it's so simple. To just move on. Can you say it's over? That they're really gone. Do you see them in your dreams? Think you'll wake up beside them again? You only cover up what you want to forget. But the pain never stops and you can't just forget.

These walls seem so bare. Without all the pictures. You take them down, because they remind you of the past. Where you came from, and what can't last. You say your trying to protect someone who is broken. But i can see it's not that simple. Who are you really protecting? The one that's really hurting is you.

Is it what i say? Or is it what i do? That makes you think your fine. I don't understand why you say it's simple to forget what you had. If it was i wouldn't cry each night. There would be peice in my soul. There would be no reason to keep the photos in a drawer. To keep the memories in a box. Why would you read the things we said like a book? If you didn't really care.

When you look at me, what do you see? If i say i'm ok. Would you say otherwise. Or just say okay. If it was just you and me would that be true? I will never be okay unless i let it go. The things i locked away seem to be the ones that remind me most. Of happy times and sad ones that followed. Will this be the last thing i see? Can it be, that the memories don't last.

Am i the one who's crazy? Can things be easier if i was forgotten. I could not be just another person. Who can't be heard. My words are spoken through the shadows of my past. And i keep them hidden in fear of not being seen. So should i just let go? No, i must not forget that underneath it all is a butterfly with wings.

The past is hard to give up, but easy to remember. So can it be easy to forget? It is the thing that holds us together, when everything else is falling apart. My pain is not what breaks me down, but what builds me up. If it was easy to move on i would've lost the only motivation i had. Not only through memories, but experience too.

And though life will continue, i will never stay the same. Everyone must change in order to grow. That's just the way it is. Why do we forget the things that make us strong? It is simple. So we can be weak for the ones who feel the need to help. The ones who see the pain, and want to be there to carry our burdens. Ones who gave theirs away and need a way to grow themselves.

I see in every crowded room pain and srrow. Everything that thers don't see. The things people tuck away, so people won't worry. Underneath their smile is a child in the corner of the room crying. It's the deepest fears that are hidden from the world. The one thing that people never want to see. I am the one who sees everything.

From just a picture. There is so much to be told. And never enough words to describe. What you've been through. Abandonment, heart breaks, and broken dreams. Why is that the one thing we hide? What if i told you, i thought that's what would get me through? Would it help you open up? I see no other way. To be honest it's not just me, everyone needs someone to care.

If it could be me. I would be the one who would be there everytime you call. When you need a shoulder to lean on. Someone who would listen and show you they care. The thing that makes this world so hard are those who show no one they care. They just come and go like it doesn't matter. They don't see what they do to the ones who really care about them. It's like adding fire to the flame, running the skies dry. No person ever deserves to be forgotten. The sky cries everyday somewhere for someone. And no one ever seems to notice.

So how can you just say you're through? When you can't look in the mirror without sheading a tear. It's the things you do that make a differance. No words can really ever heal a broken heart. And dreams are never just thrown away. A person won't stop dreaming of the fantasy they want to come true. The dream never changes, but the people always do.

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